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If you grew up on science fiction, swords & sorcery, superheroes and a million other pop culture distractions - and maybe remember a time when it wasn’t cool to like any of those things - then this is the podcast for you. Moments of Truth is about celebrating the things we love and why they affect us. It's about the positive side of geek culture, with no toxicity, gatekeeping or punching down. Everybody’s got something they geek out about. Everybody’s got a reason why it matters to them. And everybody's welcome.
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Latest Episodes…


    Join us as we share our moments from the rich history of Conan of Cimmeria, one of the greatest fantasy heroes of this, or any other Age undreamed of! ...


  2. ZAZ Comedies

    Our favorite moments from the movies that showed us there is a wrong week to quit sniffing glue, skeet surfing is a thing, Admiral Benson is our hero and Enrico Pallazzo isn’t who you think he is. ...


  3. Guilty Pleasures

    SPECIAL DOUBLE EPISODE! That cringey movie you love? That stupid show you binge watch? That cheesy song you have on repeat? Yeah, we’re talking about them this time. Buckle up. ...


  4. Home Computer Games

    Get your hole-puncher out for a double-sided, double-density dive into our favorite moments from our favorite Apple II and Commodore 64 computer games! Flip Disk to Side B and press ENTER to continue ...


  5. Original Motion Picture Scores

    Bill, Tom, Chris and Joe discuss how original movie music has become an art form unto itself, what great music does for a great movie, and of course, our favorite scores from our favorite movies. ...