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If you grew up on science fiction, swords & sorcery, superheroes and a million other pop culture distractions - and maybe remember a time when it wasn’t cool to like any of those things - then this is the podcast for you. Moments of Truth is about celebrating the things we love and why they affect us. It's about the positive side of geek culture, with no toxicity, gatekeeping or punching down. Everybody’s got something they geek out about. Everybody’s got a reason why it matters to them. And everybody's welcome.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Atari

    Join Bill, Tom, Chris and Joe as we discuss the Atari 2600, the gateway console for a whole generation of video gamers. Plus, you haven’t really lived until you’ve rage quit after losing a battle of Tank Pong. ...


  2. Jaws

    Join us as we dive into our favorite moments from Steven Spielberg’s monster-shark masterpiece, which taught us it is never safe to go into the water. ...


  3. Calvin and Hobbes

    Join us as we share our favorite moments from Bill Watterson’s immortal newspaper comic about a boy and his tiger and everything else that ever mattered. ...


  4. The Princess Bride

    Join Bill, Tom, Chris and Joe as we discuss why our love for this movie is like a storybook story. And it’s as real as the feelings we feel. ...


  5. Original Motion Picture Soundtracks

    Behind every great movie is a great musical soundscape, and sometimes, the music is even better than the movie itself. Join Bill, Tom,Chris, Joe as we discuss our favorite moments from our favorite movie soundtracks. ...