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If you grew up on science fiction, swords & sorcery, superheroes and a million other pop culture distractions - and maybe remember a time when it wasn’t cool to like any of those things - then this is the podcast for you. Moments of Truth is about celebrating the things we love and why they affect us. It's about the positive side of geek culture, with no toxicity, gatekeeping or punching down. Everybody’s got something they geek out about. Everybody’s got a reason why it matters to them. And everybody's welcome.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Silence of the Lambs

    Join us as we discuss our favorite moments from the 1990 blockbuster that changed how a lot of people look at fava beans, chianti and skin lotion. ...


  2. Return of the Jedi

    Join us as we discuss our favorite moments from the final chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy. This is our best episode yet…from a certain point of view. ...


  3. One-Hit Wonders

    Blink, and you missed them. Hear them, and they’re with you forever. ...


  4. NES, SNES & Sega Genesis

    Let’s talk about the consoles that brought video games to a whole new level for an entire generation of gamers – the NES, the Super NES, and the Sega Genesis. ...


  5. Action Figures

    Join us as we discuss some of the most beloved toys of our childhoods, as they took us on adventures from the Microverse to Cybertron and beyond. Now with kung-fu grip! ...